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  Fan Limei is a service provider of the whole industry chain of unpowered children's Park, a professional world imported children's amusement equipment integration supplier in China, and a design and service provider of personalized theme children's amusement park. Provide customers with consultation, planning and design, product provision, installation and after-sales service of children's playground.

  China customer service team is composed of a group of outstanding staff at home and abroad in landscape design, product design, product production and installation, and after-sale experience. Li Mei has been committed to providing children's playground equipment worldwide, and is committed to introducing the world's children's playground products and concepts into China, and is committed to improving the quality and safety of Chinese mainland playground. It is committed to promoting the development of China's unpowered children's park industry, and takes this as the corporate mission.

  Company slogan: perfect, everywhere. Fanli beauty practices the company's slogan, provides customers with perfect services and overall solutions, and grows together with customers.

  Company recruitment: the company recruits 3D designers, graphic designers and sales personnel for a long time. Those who are interested can send resumes to resumes at any time

  Company investment: sincerely recruit national dealers to serve children's entertainment and escort children!

  We are a solution provider dedicated to medium and high-end children's amusement. We are waiting for you to join us and grow together with the fanlimei family brand!

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